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What is the Email Checker tool?

Have you ever wanted to send an email but received a message that it was undeliverable? For example, the email address may not be formatted correctly, or it may not even exist! 

Email checker ensures that the emails are valid, safe, and deliverable. 

It helps you validate any email address online for free and check if the mailbox really exists before you send your emails.

Our email checker tool also lets you know the role associated with an email address. For example, if you enter ‘ ', you get this result:

"Deliverable, but it's a 'Role'! Send only if you are familiar with the email owner."

Isn't it amazing? And it takes a few seconds to come up with the result. 


Why do you need to check your recipient's email before sending emails?

To ensure that the emails you send will reach their intended recipients and improve the deliverability rate. In addition, validation helps detect and correct incorrect or invalid email addresses, reduces bounce rates, and maintains a good sender reputation.

  1. Improve email deliverability rate: Cleaning your email list removes invalid and inactive addresses, which can decrease bounce rates and improve the overall deliverability of your emails.
  2. Maintain a good sender reputation: Sending emails to invalid emails, spam traps, or non-existent addresses can damage your sender reputation, resulting in emails being marked as spam or rejected altogether.
  3. Increase engagement rates: Cleaning your email list ensures that your messages are only sent to engaged, active subscribers. This can increase open and click-through rates and ultimately lead to better results from your email marketing efforts.


Enjoy the 98% Accuracy of Email Checking Results For free.

Email Checker by PromoterKit helps you get 98% accuracy like all other premium email validation tools, so it is the best free alternative to Neverbounce, Zerobounce, and all other premium services.


Can I check multiple emails at the same time?

Sure. Use our free bulk email verifier to check emails in bulk. 


What is a Disposable Email Address?

A Disposable Email Address (DEA) is a temporary, one-time-use email address that can protect a user's actual email address from spam, unwanted emails, and other unwanted communications. DEAs can be created on various websites and are often used for temporary sign-ups or online registrations that require an email address. Once the DEA is no longer needed, it can be discarded, and a new one can be created. You should never send emails to those addresses as they are temporary addresses.


What does it mean when an email address is marked "Accept all"?

An email address marked "Accept all" or "Catch-all" means that the email server for that address has been configured to accept all incoming emails, regardless of the sender or content. This configuration is typically used for catch-all email addresses, designed to receive emails sent to non-existent or incorrect addresses within a domain.

Emails sent to an address marked "Accept all" are usually not filtered or blocked and are delivered directly to the recipient's inbox. However, because these addresses often receive a high volume of spam and unwanted emails, they may be less secure and more vulnerable to phishing and other malicious attacks.

Sometimes it is hard to validate such emails since we check the email, and the email server will return success even if the email doesn't exist. So be careful with these emails. Send if you are sure there is a real person behind the email or if you have double opt-in the email.


What is a Spam trap email?

A spam trap email is a decoy email address specifically set up by anti-spam organizations to identify and track spammers. Spam traps are not actively used or subscribed to by real people; any email sent to them is considered unsolicited.

Sending an email to a spam trap can result in your sending IP address or domain being blacklisted, which can negatively impact your ability to deliver emails to other addresses. Therefore, it's important to maintain clean email lists and regularly remove inactive, invalid, or bounced email addresses to reduce the risk of hitting a spam trap. And this is why you should use our free email checker tool :)


Will the email checker work with Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts?

Yes. The Email Checker will work with all major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. It is also compatible with free webmail services such as AOL Mail, Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc.


Can a "Valid" email address bounce?

Yes, a "valid" email address can bounce. A bounce occurs when an email is returned to the sender as undeliverable due to a problem with the recipient's email address or server.

Even if an email address is technically "valid" and correctly formatted, there are several reasons why a bounce may occur, such as:

  • The recipient's email inbox is full
  • The recipient's email server is temporarily down or unavailable
  • The recipient's email address is no longer in use
  • The recipient's email address has been disabled or blocked by the email provider
  • The email was filtered as spam or blocked by the recipient's email provider

Therefore, it's important to regularly maintain and clean your email lists to remove bounced email addresses and ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients.



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